Dear friends, I would like to share with you that

I was enlisted to participate in the World Florist Competition -
 an international floral competition in France
which will involve 8 florists from different countries.

I will be the participant at this competition!
And in order to do that I need your support!
I gratefully accept any sponsorship fee,

which will help me to participate in this contest.

Sponsorship contributions will pay for registration (1500 euros),

travel to the province of Loire in France (700 euros)
and vitamins A, D, E, C (10 euros).

With gratitude and enthusiasm,
Alice Amber



Competition website :


For European citizens:

For the United States citizens:


My name is Alice Amber, I'm a designer and florist from Perm.
Perm is a city of the Urals, where lived and developed their projects such great persons like Diaghilev, Mamin-Siberian, Graal, Tatishchev, Moder.

Together with a team of other enthusiastic people I'm trying to bring to a life of urban city a little more beauty and harmony day by day. Through my work each year more and more people come to the conclusion that on a date not necessarily bring just red roses, that a simple snag from the forest can be turned into interior decoration, that the rule of "golden section" works not only on pictures of da Vinci.


Sharing knowledge and beauty with others is only possible when you are constantly growing up and going outside your comfort zone. This is one of the reasons why I have been involved in professional competitions.


Especially valuable experience give international competitions. When florists from all over the world gather together and laid out the entire 1000%, produced not just a design, but works of fine art, all of which reflect the national character, a particular view of life that is different from that to which you ussualy used to. Watching of florists work process during a competition is like watching a performance. And their creations sometimes are no less impressive than the paintings of great artists.

On the one hand, the first step is over - I was enrolled in a short-list of participators of this contest!  So I can collect the suitcase and get ready to do everything possible and impossible to do my best!  In general, I am doing this, but there is one detail.


To take part in The World Florist Competition in 2015,

it is necessary to pay the registration fee in the amount of 1,500 euros. Naturally, beyond that, I need some transportation to France and be aware during the competition. Part of the required amount of course I will find. But all declared amount for a florist from Perm is still difficult.


Your support can change everything!



Thank you my flower friends!